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Xylemcreek Inc. is a company built with the goal to connect non-profits, small businesses to the e-commerce and e-charity platforms arena.  Involved in enhancing and automating business processes using Information Technology to streamline the non-profit and small business operations. Building Local Businesses is important to us. 

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What makes us customer centric.

CLOUD Hosting

Want web and email hosting cheaper than other hosting providers. We have the solution! Get your own dedicated hosting with us.

IT COnsulting

Want to know how IT can be optimized for streamlined operations. We can help you working understand and implement solutions for your small business or non profit organizations.

social media consulting

Social Media is one of the best platform to advertise your products and services. We love social media. Talk to us and we will explain how to connect your organization to it.

software development

Need a customized, out of the box implementation or upgrading your current system. We have the experience to get that going.  

process optimization

Have built a web of business process and now been entangled in it. Call us we will help you transform the web of business processes into easy to control process with automation. Service and Sell more than getting entangled in business processes.

application migration

Have an application which is old and does not help you grow? We can help get you into the Cloud with access to the application from anywhere in the world with expand anytime features.

email services

Need your own email server with cloud storage to secure your email and documents? We have a solution for you. You wont every need to go to a hosting provider anymore for getting email service anymore.

content creation

Want content created for your website or product online or on social media? Our experienced staff will get your products ready for action online.

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